Nina Miranda

The Cage & The Garden

The Cage and The Garden. (1970 mix) Thank you to all the contributors to making this music and film. It all started from an epiphany with ‘Meatloaf’ on the road, singing down to me, kindly from a cloud, when I was feeling shit. But just look where it lead me, and who it introduced me to along the way, out of piss-puddles soar rainbows!

Recorded in Rio at Audio Rebel, in London at home and Vanguard Studios, with a cast of top musicians!! Written by Nina Miranda with Kassin & Domenico Lancellotti joining in and adding so much at the recording stage. Arranged by Nina Miranda Produced by Nina Miranda additional production Kassin and Max Grunhard. Horn arrangements by Max Grunhard.


Directed and Produced by Tiago Di Mauro & Nina Miranda
Extra Artistic direction and ideas Peu Meurray & Radek Anais Laro
Camera and director of photography Marek Miska
Editing by Julian Bowman & Nina Miranda
Styling and Cage by Radek Anais Laró
Nina’s Body suit by Alexander McQueen
Production and camera assistance Chris Amarall
Make-Up Ala Pangracova 

Actors Dancers, creatives and production assistants Peu Meurray, Kyara Mensie, Manuela Benini, Carolina Nunes, Maria Santos, Sebastian Miski, Radek Anais Laró, Chris Amarall, Carsten Garbode, Purnima Lilian Cordeiro e Fabiano Modolo (bigode).

Music credits
Kassin- bass & guitars Domenico Lancelotti drums, bv’s, Nina Miranda lead and backing vocals Anselmo Netto, percussion and bandolin, Max Grunhard sax, Scott Baylis trumpet and keys, Tony Trombony- trombone, Ben Hawden flute, Chico Cesar- vocals , Jaelee Small- bv’s, Peu Meurray- tyre drum, percussion bv’s, Jansen Santana- percussion and bv’s, Alix McAlister- violin, Mixed By Gareth Finnegan at Studio Llama, London.


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